Outbound Data

Deliver the Final Data Elements for User or System Consumption

Presentation / Data Distribution

  • Presentation of data in reports via 3rd Party Platforms
  • Data Distribution to an Outbound Destination, including flat files and external systems.

Data Mapping

  • Defines how data sets move from the DataMart, DataVault, or other data elements of Data Warehouse (Audit, Rules, etc.) to an Outbound Destination
  • Single location for data additions, enhancements, and modifications
  • Framework configuration parameters specify frequency of data export Outbound Destination

Rules Engine

  • Table-driven/centralized repository for all business logic 
  • The Rules Engine performs all data validations and transformations against dimensional and fact data


  • Logs all details related to dimensional and fact table loading as well as data validation and transformation
  • Tracks in detail the associated values, dates, times and locations of all data transformations