Quickly Develop, Rapidly Deploy.

Sometimes it's easier to just get started.  Business teams don't know what they don't know, and they need to see, first hand, the possibilities of the data before fully appreciate how to apply it for the greatest impact.  This is where the Datawa.re Team can help.

We start where you are at... Sometimes it's in the Cloud, sometimes it's On-Premise.  Either way, we start by understanding your requirements.  Next, we take your data source(s), define a data model, define the inbound process, define your business rules, and then point your corporate reporting toolset at Datawa.re.  

Let's get started... Here's the Process...



Review corporate non-disclosure agreements, determine key business need,  and begin identifying key data sources and metrics. 



With clear requirements, Datawa.re will focus on integrating two key data sources, developing the supporting data transformations and data model.



You and a senior Datawa.re analyst will review the data model, collectively validate numbers and discuss the presentation of the data within your reporting platform for guidance and feedback.


Green Light!

With ready-to-use operational data mart, you can elect to continue with Datawa.re to integrate additional data sources... 

Or, license the Datawa.re Framework and continue forward with internal resources.

Okay, Now what?

To get started today, contact a member of the Datawa.re Team at getstarted@dataware.com or 1.844.313.5200.  And, Download our Fall 2015 Overview on the Datawa.re Dynamic Wareshouse Automation Platform. 

Or, click on our "Start the Process" directly button below, complete the form, and one of our team members will contact you in the next 4 hours to schedule a meeting to discuss you business needs, your data, and your timeline.  Don't wait.  You're just about to find out how quickly Datawa.re can transform the way you design, develop and support your next data warehouse initiative.