Truth #3: Business Expertise

Visibility and Accessibility to Business Logic by Subject Matter Experts is a Critical part of Delivering a Relevant and Meaningful Data Solution.

We believe that data initiatives are most successful when a proven methodology, technology platform and business expertise are combined in an iterative process to deliver business solutions.

Frequently, business rules and logic to transform and cleanse data is inaccessible to most subject matter experts.  This is due to the nature of SSIS and a recurring, package-rich, architecture philosophy that is common to most data processing and warehouse solutions.  This impacts responsiveness and creates bottle necks for both making and testing updates.  The predictable result is a reluctance to make changes combine with long turn-around times for implementing changes. eliminates this challenge by managing business rule and logic in a web-based interface that enables immediate visibility and access to subject matter experts.  These SMEs have the ability to manage rules and logic and the confidence to implement changes without impacting any other element of the data process.