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Truth #1: Proven Methodology

Speed and Content (Data + Logic) are Most Important to the Business, not Construction.

We believe that data initiatives are most successful when a proven methodology, technology platform and business expertise are combined in an iterative process to deliver business solutions.

Our methodology challenges the traditional BI mindset that come from years of building data warehouses by starting from effectively scratch. Yet when teams struggle with incremental data loads, Type I/II dimensions, and a need for more time to manage changes, every developer wishes for an alternative to re-creating X capability.

Conversely, the business has little concern for the many things required for a stable, extensible, and scalable warehouse. Yet, the expectation is that the final product will be robust and meet the changing needs of the business.

The Datawa.re methodology focuses on Business Content (Data + Logic) over Construction by delivering a turn-key, metadata-driven platform for creating a flexible, scalable and supportable data solution that can be delivered in days, not months.