Data Warehousing Realization #3

The team at has designed and delivered a variety of data warehouses for many nationally recognized organizations over the past 15+ years. In that time, we've had a number of realizations that served as the foundation for the Data Management Platform for Microsoft SQL Server. Here's the third of four.

Realization #3: 
The Outcome of a Data Warehouse implementation is defined by
Team Experience.

Like most things in business (and life), people are most confident where they are most comfortable. The old saying about "If you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail" has never been more true than on a data warehousing initiative. If you've been around-the-block, you know that success of your project will, in large part, be determined by the warehousing experience you have on your BI team.

 If you have a dedicated staff, you probably know what you have... and where the relative strengths and weaknesses lie. If you're augmenting your team with outside resources, it becomes more of a guessing game. Regardless, you're going to want to produce the best-possible product, and determining how to do that typically involves a finite number of options, assuming your resources are fixed.

  • More Time. As your grandmother told you "Haste makes waste", so giving your team more time to focus on the difficult problems, rather than all the thrashing that comes with changing requirements, can dramatically improve outcomes.
  • More Direction. Frequently, the path taken is taken based on personalities on the team, and not necessarily on merit. By providing your team with a proven direction, many course-corrections and compromises can be avoided.
  • More Capability. Enhancing your team's collective capability, and enabling them to produce something they (likely) couldn't produce otherwise will positively impact the project.

All that said, many team leaders may think the answer lies in longer project times, "big X" consulting organizations, additional training/certifications, and the like. Granted, there's nothing wrong them, but the team takes a contrary view. We want to enhance your team's time, direction and capability by utilizing an innovative data warehousing platform that is the result of 15+ years of warehousing experience, building with a toolset they already understand, focusing on a proven, industry-recognized approach, and leveraging a core-capability that no project team would ever have the time (or resources) to create while under the constraints of a project.

Enter is a dynamic data management platform that not only invites change, but accelerates it by shifting the focus of the technology team from Construction to Content. Enabling BI teams to quickly add or expand data sources, quickly change business rules, and/or immediately create derived fields in a flexible, table-driven SQL environment (all the while having the ability to audit and track data back to the source and nearly eliminate regression testing), results in technology teams and business teams aligning their collective efforts to deliver a more robust and impactful BI solution.

Give us the opportunity to show you how it can accelerate your next project and shift your team's focus to Business Content instead of Construction.  Choose a convenient time at or visit Or, contact me directly at 1.844.313.5200 or