Data Warehousing Realization #2

Over the years, our team has developed and deployed no shortage of data warehouse solutions for forward-thinking organizations around the country.  In that time, we've had a several realizations that led us to develop the Datawa.reData Management Platform for Microsoft SQL Server.

Here's the second of four.

Realization #2: 
Most ground-up Data Warehouse Projects involve “Reinventing the Wheel”.

If you’ve been involved with a few data warehousing projects in your career, you'll immediately acknowledge that: 1) Business requirements are always changing, and 2) The current data warehouse project, technically, seems a lot like the last data warehouse project you worked-on.  Between these two items, you’re re-doing a lot of re-work.

First, the business is going to discover new things along the way, and conclude that what they originally told you they needed now differs from what they actually need.  Some, but not all, of this re-work is just a natural part of the process.

Second, the infrastructure that is required for your project to be a properly supported data warehouse, and not just a collection of data elements, requires you to create things like common business rules, differential data loads, auditing capabilities, notifications, and 50 other things… that are probably very similar to what you did on your last project.  Again, while there might be some incremental improvement, it’s still re-work.

In the end, all this re-work takes a lot of your time, and is generally unproductive.  The problem is that you have a fixed amount of time and resources, and if we’re honest, the business is somewhat unsympathetic to the level of effort required to produce a robust data infrastructure (that you know they need).

As a result, a large percentage of your project focuses on “Construction”, rather than “Content”.  And while the Construction is important, building (and re-building) it offers limited, direct value to the Business… as compared to Content (Read: Business Data) which represents nearly 100% of the value.

Many IT leaders (and business leaders for that matter) accept that it’s an unavoidable nuisance of the development process, and implement different project methodologies in an attempt to combat it.   But, the team takes a contrary view.  Constant re-work doesn’t have to be the “norm,” and your project methodology isn’t going to have a meaningful effect on the total amount of work required to achieve a specific outcome. 

Enter is a dynamic data management platform that not only invites change, but accelerates it by shifting the focus of the technology team from Construction to Content.  Enabling BI teams to quickly add or expand data sources, quickly change business rules, and/or immediately create derived fields in a flexible, table-driven SQL environment (all the while having the ability to audit and track data back to the source and nearly eliminate regression testing), results in technology teams and business teams aligning their collective efforts to deliver a more robust and impactful BI solution.

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