Data Warehousing Realization #1

The team at has implemented a broad array of data initiatives from some of the most recognized brands in the country.  In that time, we've had a few realizations that led us to develop the Data Management Platform for Microsoft SQL Server.  Here's the first of four.

Realization #1:
Clients don’t know what they don’t know.  And, data discoveries constantly drive new requirements.

Despite best efforts at gathering business requirements, data warehousing is an iterative process (or perhaps it should be)... because it's a process in data possibility discovery.  The business always understands the data, but rarely appreciates how it can be fully utilized... and as a result will have revelations throughout the process.  This is a good thing.  

As the BI team reveals more (or new) data possibilities, it becomes more apparent the original business requirements were not so much wrong, as not fully formed, and need to be modified.  And, that begins the on-going process of changing requirements.

Instinctively, this is something that is often fought by technology groups.  But, the team takes a contrary view.  What fuels improved business decisions and insight should be embraced... But, the BI team is going to need a methodology and supporting toolset that also embraces this same philosophy.

Enter is a dynamic data management platform that not only invites change, but accelerates it by shifting the focus of the technology team from Construction to Content.  Enabling BI teams to quickly add or expand data sources, quickly change business rules, and/or immediately create derived fields in a flexible, table-driven SQL environment (all the while having the ability to audit and track data back to the source and nearly eliminate  regression testing),  results in technology teams and business teams aligning their collective efforts to deliver a more robust and impactful BI solution.

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