After 25+ different data warehousing projects for leading organization around the country, we concluded that there are really only two parts to any data project: 1) Construction and 2) Content. 

To cut to the chase, no one cares about the Construction without the Content. 

Let that soak in for a minute.

Seventy or eighty percent of a ground-up data warehouse project (read: Construction) involves building-out core capabilities, including full/ incremental data loads, staging, processes, validation, packages, auditing, notifications, and one hundred other items. 

Twenty to thirty percent of the data project involves Content, including integrating business data, defining business rules, creating derived fields, and more…. And this part of the project represents 100% of the value to the client. 

Which got us thinking… Why do we continue to spend so much time building and rebuilding capability (read: reinventing the wheel) that isn't immediately valued by the customer. 

Instead, is there a way to focus the bulk of our time on Content, rather than the Construction? (See if you can see the difference between a Ground-up and a warehouse project using an Agile methodology in the image above.)

Enter  We created, a data automation management platform, to dramatically accelerate the Construction phase of any data initiative and enable you to exclusively focus your effort on the most highly-valued area, Business Content.  And, in the process, deliver a better solution in less time.

Give us the opportunity to show you how it can accelerate your next project and shift your focus to Business Content.  Choose a convenient time at or visit Or, contact me directly at 1.844.313.5200 or