Data Warehousing Realization #4

The team at has completed data warehouse initiatives for some of the most recognized brands in the US. In that time, we've made a number of observations that have gone on to serve as the foundation for the Data Management Platform for Microsoft SQL Server. Here's one final thought.

Realization #4: 
Only Content has Business Value.
Despite what we’d all like to think about our own self-importance, no one really cares about what we do (or what you do) unless it adds value to what they do.

Case in point: The Construction phase when building a new home. While you’re concerned about the framing, plumbing and electrical, you’re only interested in so far that it impacts the progress of the construction, and ultimately, your move-in date. You don’t really care that studs are 16 inches on center. You don’t really care if your drains are 1.5 inches or 2 inches or even 4 inches. You don’t really care about the efficiency by which wire was pulled through the walls. Granted, you’re glad someone cares, and you’re paying your general contractor to care and oversee the construction… but you presume that it’s being done to "code", and it’s right… but, you’re not *excited* about it.

What you are *excited* about is hitting the move-in date, making sure the master bedroom/bath is how you want it, making sure the kitchen, cabinets, appliances, and fixtures are right, making sure the bedrooms, stairways, family room and garage is the way you planned. Understandably, you’re excited about the things that specifically relate to you and your family (Content) and less about the physical infrastructure (Construction) of the house.

The same is true for data warehousing, and we literally see it every day. The Business will have requirements, and the Technical team will go on to tell them many, many things that they have no concern about, because they assume (like the home example above), that it’s being done to “code” and it’s being done right… but they’re not *excited* about it.

So, what does this mean?

It means that a huge percentage of your data warehouse project is of no meaningful consequence to your paying customer. Let that sink in. Sure, they want it to be built correctly and support the requested capabilities… but until it’s delivering *value* to them, they frankly (and maybe rightly), don’t care.

What they do care about is Content.

They care about their data sources and how to get that data, and how frequently it will be loaded… and how an incremental load will work… and how long that load will take… and how the data will be cleansed… and how derived fields will be created… and how business rules will be applied (and in what order)… and if something goes wrong, how will they know… and if they want to add a few more fields or a new data source how will that all work… and how it can be supported over time… and when they can start reporting against it… and, on and on. They care about things that impact them.

Anything that enables you to accelerate the Construction-phase of the project, and re-invest that time in the Content-phase of the project is going to be a huge win (from the client’s perspective)… and reduce the risk associated with the project. It’s still work for you, but it’s a high-value investment of time in the project that yields direct results to the customer.

Enter is a dynamic data management platform that not only invites change, but accelerates it by shifting the focus of the technology team from Construction to Content. Enabling BI teams to quickly add or expand data sources, quickly change business rules, and/or immediately create derived fields in a flexible, table-driven SQL environment (all the while having the ability to audit and track data back to the source and nearly eliminate regression testing), results in technology teams and business teams aligning their collective efforts to deliver a more robust and impactful BI solution.

Give us the opportunity to show you how it can accelerate your next project and shift your team's focus to Business Content instead of Construction. Visit or contact a member of the team at 1.844.313.5200 or