... and sometimes, others do it for you.

This past week, I was talking to several customers, and one of the guys *piped-up* from the back of the room and asked "why?"  Hmm... Good question, I said.  We had been talking about what my team does, and what Datawa.re does, and how we do it, and who we do it for... and on and on.

What I had neglected to mention in all of that was the "why".  It seems like a silly question, but my immediate response to him wasn't has crisp as I would have liked... and I ended up giving this person a 6-minute answer to a 6-second question.  

Upon reflecting, I concluded that perhaps the "why" was the most important part of what we do... We clearly know the "what",  and we know the "how", and we know the "who" and we know the "where"... But, why?  So, I sat down and wrote down what I said in my (somewhat rambling) 6 minute answer. 

When I got done taking out everything unnecessary that was said, this is what I ended up with...

Datawa.re believes that the success of the IT organization is dependent upon leading, responding to and supporting the Business.  And for us, that begins with data... specifically, data warehousing and data automation.
Lead - The Business always solves problems with the tools available to them... often, at significant direct and indirect costs.  Datawa.re delivers a methodology and platform empowering your solution to be expandable and extensible, anticipating future needs and embracing new opportunities. 
Respond - The Business environment is dynamic, and change is required to continue to remain relevant and valuable. Datawa.re delivers an agile approach and technology framework that enables you to more quickly react to the on-going demands of the marketplace.
Support - Each system must be maintained, near-term and long-term, to fully leverage the Business investment. Datawa.re delivers a philosophy and framework that assures consistency and continuity for technical teams as resources transition from design to development to production.