Years ago, I was standing at the entrance of a large media company in New York with several guys on the team, hoping we had something meaningful to tell our prospective client about managing, distributing and acting on their data.  After the hand-shakes and introductions were over, we immediately discovered that they were working with their data in the most difficult, time-consuming way possible... literally.  They were spending hours, if not days, simply extracting, lightly massaging and publishing reports to key management. 

It was eye-opening.  But, those days are over... Or so I thought...

Fast forward to 2015.  We continue to be amazed at the difficulty organizations willingly accept to work with data...  but it's understandable as the challenges have moved up-stream and the volume, complexity and breadth of the data has dramatically expanded. 

It's data equivalent of Groundhog Day.

Today, large development teams will regularly invest thousands and thousands of resource hours churning-out tons of code trying (and retrying) to deliver a solution for managing, distributing and acting on corporate information.  Only to discover changes are needed, and compromises must be made.  

In many ways, it's an unfair challenge because the process of building a data warehouse is very much a journey of discovery that no business requirement fully documents at the outset.  And as a result, the bulk of the time invested in a new data initiative is going to be largely unproductive because the learning curve is steep... and ever changing.  Don't believe me?  As yourself (or your project lead) how long it would take to completely rebuild a past data warehouse if they knew then what they know now.  I'd bet the answer is 30%-50% of the time.

So, how can you increase productivity and accelerate deliverables? The answer is don't start from complete scratch.  Invest your time in understanding the inbound data, understanding the business rules, and understanding the how the data is used... effectively, what is distinct and important about your specific business... and leave the warehousing infrastructure to  Our platform, built on Microsoft SQL Server, enables your team to create a warehouse in hours or days, not months or years, in a table-driven environment that will produce immediate results... and allow you to easily add, update, and/or modify your warehouse on-the-fly without the costs or implications of traditional development processes.

It's literally that simple. If you'd like me to show you, I can be reached at 1.844.313.5200 or and in 20 minutes, you may suddenly have a new strategy for your current, or next, data warehousing project.  Visit us at