Thank you for your interest in Datawa.re and participating in our Trial/Prototype.

The Datawa.re Team is committed to making this process as easy as possible to make you and your team immediately productive in a short period of time.

Below is all the information you will need to prepare for our first web conference that will focus on configuring your environment, and getting you and your team up-to-speed with Datawa.re.

In preparation for our first web conference, please:

01. Send us your IP Range

We need to make sure that your SQL Server environment has access to the Datawa.re environment running on Microsoft Azure.

  • Send your account contact your IP range so that we can provide secure access

02. Confirm your Login

Confirm that you can access the Datawa.re web application with credentials provided to you via email using the following URL.

03. Download Sample Data

 Download the Adventure Works sample database from Microsoft.  To get started quickly, we use their sample data, but we will show you how to use your own data within the scope of the first web conference.

04. Download & Install the Datawa.re Connect package

Download and install the the Datawa.re Connect package.  This will install a single SSIS package into your local environment.

05. Schedule your first online training web conference

Contact and confirm with your account team the date and time that the Datawa.re team can walk you through the initial installation and configuration of Datawa.re in your environment.  And, work with your team to bring in your own corporate data into the Datawa.re architecture.  Plan on 60 to 90 minutes for the first web conference.  We'll schedule subsequent web conferences for additional training and Q&A as necessary.