accelerate your data roadmap

Removing the RISK from your next data warehousing or data processing initiative, or RESCUING the data initiative that is concerning you is where can add immediate value to your team.  Our flexible, table-driven data architecture and development methodology mitigates the time and cost risks that frequently plague warehousing projects.  Further, provides a dynamic foundation that enables your team to support, extend and scale a compelling, production-ready data solution.

Here is how we can make your team productive with little or no project risk as easy at 1-2-3: 



The team will partner with your business and/or technology teams, and select a representative set of data sources and business logic to begin your the operational data warehouse prototype in your on-premise or cloud environment.  Then, our team will invest a half-day in a knowledge transfer process to educate your team how to best utilize the environment to add new data sources, schedule processes, expand business logic and extend the data model.  All at no direct cost to you.



Your team can then continue to add new data sources, revise business rules, enhance exceptions, and extend the data model.  In addition, your team can leverage your corporate reporting and analytics toolset to build-out dashboards, create analytics and publish reports to validate and socialize data throughout your organization.  Because runs in your secure corporate environment, whether on-premise or in the cloud, your data never leaves your environment. Again, all at no direct cost to you.



Once you have seen in working in your environment with your data, we will work with your technical teams to assess additional migration needs (legacy stored procedures, SSIS packages, etc.), provide a subscription plan that meets your needs, and work with your technology and business teams to plan a deployment across Development, Test and Production environments.  Further, we will schedule a series of on-site and online training sessions to assure that your team can get the maximum value and impact.



If nothing else, we get "speed". It's the ROI on every project.  How quickly can you respond and address business needs... exceed expectations... and deliver value to empower your management team to identify, select and respond to opportunities.  At, our goal is to do that each day, at every customer, in every data initiative.

We invite you to contact us, and simply have a conversation to see if can impact what your team does in a meaningful way, and how we can best delivery value to your team.