Consulting Services Consulting Services offer a wide range of strategy, implementation and maintenance offerings that enable you to ensure your data warehouse investments are generating business value over the near-term ... and long-term.

Our services offerings are designed to meet your specific requirements and budget.  Satisfaction with, and your data warehouse investment, is our first priority.

The Fastest, Lowest Risk Path to Data Warehouse Success

Market conditions don’t wait until your data is available for you to make the right decisions.  Your decision-makers need information at the speed of business. Consulting Services is the fastest, lowest risk path to building out your data warehouse.

Our consulting services, in combination with the Framework, is the quickest, most reliable, method for getting your data warehouse from planning to running in the shortest timeframe... and with the ability to make changes in-route.  Our field-proven methodology, based on Agile principles, is designed to complement approach to data warehousing, resulting in significantly accelerated time-to-value and reduced risk of implementation failures. Consultants deliver a wealth of experience and the collective knowledge in:

  • Architecture and Design Best Practices
  • Implementation Services
  • Business Information Modeling
  • Project Management