Datawa.re is the first cloud-based framework that delivers a comprehensive data processing and data warehousing solution. It combines a flexible data warehouse foundation and end-to-end data processing capability from the Microsoft Azure Cloud to your local environment. With our process, your data remains on your internal network and is never moved to the cloud. So data processing is 100% secure, and fully utilizes your existing infrastructure investments.

Our approach to data processing and assembly will change the way you think about the delivery for your management dashboards, operational reporting and advanced analytics. And, it all happens within your local, secure data environment.

  • Datawa.re Cloud interface that enables subject matter experts and business users to easily interact with and manage their "content" (data processing business requirements and rules).
  • Datawa.re Core module performs all of the heavy lifting and drives the data through the process.
  • Datawa.re Connect module enables all processing to be performed directly against data, seamlessly and securely, in your local environment.

Combining the Cloud, Core and Connect modules with your data and Content (business logic), Datawa.re will rapidly transform and deliver your data, ready-to-use, all within your environment.

Datawa.re provides a turnkey solution to deliver business critical information, rather than design, build, test and support an in-house data architecture, warehouse or data repository.

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